Sports Performance

Are you an athlete in the Westchester area looking to get better at your sport and focus on strength and speed issues that are holding you back? We are the only facility in Westchester that will get you the results you want guaranteed. You’ve either been sitting on the bench not getting enough playing time, or you’re already playing but you’re getting out run and out muscled by the competition. We will give you the tools you need to succeed. This mean’s strength training to get you bigger and stronger, speed training to get you faster, and mobility training to keep you healthy and loose.

We work based off a personalized group training system where every athlete is looked at as an individual. There is no one size fits all program for every athlete that is truly going to address all of your needs. You will receive a complimentary movement evaluation where our coaches will analyze your needs and create an exercise program based off what you really need. There will be no filler exercises and nothing that you don’t truly need. A football player has different needs from a soccer player, and a soccer player has different needs from a baseball player, so therefore we don’t train any athlete the same.

Our group training environment provides more motivation for the athlete and creates almost a competition in the gym for the athlete to get better. Every athlete is working as hard as possible and motivating each other in every workout. Group training offers the benefit of personalized attention for the athlete without the hefty price tag. You will never get lost in the crowd and your results will come faster than you ever thought was possible.

Find a session and time that works best for you!

If you’re interested in Sports Performance Training at The Zone, and would like more information, please message us below.

Here at The Zone, we are proud to utilize the latest technology in health and fitness, including: