You actually work at this gym, and that is a great thing! Come here and experience it yourself, you’ll be glad you did! / Nick R.

I wanted to take some time to acknowledge the incredible job everyone is doing down at The Zone Strength and Fitness. I had been in a workout plateau for around two years, and although not out of shape, I certainly wasn’t where I wanted to be physically. I was hovering around 175lbs and was admittedly in a workout rut, doing basic cardio on the treadmill and lifting now and then. Also, suffering from multiple herniated discs, doing workout out of my comfort zone was not something I wanted to try.
I was lucky enough to receive a gift certificate to the Zone Strength and Fitness and immediately I noticed this Gym was completely different than any other place I’d been. From the moment I arrived, Ed Miller welcomed me with open arms, took the time to sit down and get to know me, and developed a plan to build strength while being safe with my back issues.
I’m not going to lie, the first few training sessions were very tough. But Ed was there every step of the way, guiding and training. Before I knew it he had me doing dead lifts and lifting heavier than I ever thought I could lift. It didn’t take long (about 2 weeks in fact) before my first weigh in and low and behold I had dropped 2 pounds, put on muscle mass and lost fat!
To date I am down to 167lbs have lost significant body fat and have gained muscle, oh and the best part, my back has NEVER felt better. I have energy to burn and overall I feel much healthier and happier. I cannot thank Ed enough for his dedication, guidance and support he has shown me and all members at his gym. I would also like to give a shout out to Brock Duncan, who has likewise been an incredible trainer and has helped me immeasurably.
I cannot recommend this gym enough. It isn’t your run of the mill, check in, run on a treadmill and leave.