If you’re even questioning trying it out, stop and get yourself over there! / Harriet I.

I came to the zone in December of 2016, really not knowing what to expect. My friend Caroline had won a 21 day fit mom challenge through an auction at the Osborn school scare fair and invited me to come along with her. I’ve always exercised on my own or with friends, but never through the guidance of a trainer. I never felt I needed a trainer, and always thought it would be a waste of time and money.
I could not have been more incorrect in my assumptions! After just a week of working with Ed and his team at the zone, I fell in love with it! It was a very welcoming and fun environment full of fun workouts and great results. I was able to lose 5 pounds in 21 days, and keep all of it off afterward. People quickly noticed the results and were begging me to tell them what I was doing. I simply told them “working out at the zone”.
Going to the zone has become so much fun for me, because it provides a motivating atmosphere, where I feel like much more than just a number. Going to a big gym like lifetime makes you feel like you are getting lost in the crowd. You never feel like that when you’re working out with Ed and his team.