Thank you so much to everyone at the zone for their hard work and dedication to get me to reach my goals and more! / Cathy N.

I checked out The Zone after seeing an advertisement for their 6 week challenge on Facebook.
I didn’t know what to expect, all I knew is I wanted to lose weight and I wanted guidance doing it.
I work as a physical therapy aid at burke rehabilitation center, so I already know how to work out on my own. I knew I needed something extra though, so I decided to check it out.
Upon walking into the zone, I knew it was different here. Ed immediately greeted me upon walking into the door, and after sitting down with me to create some personalized goals, he showed me around and introduced me to my trainer Brock. Brock was absolutely lovely, and guided me through the entire process of working out 3 times a week and following the diet program the correct way.
After 6 weeks I lost 15 pounds (which I had been struggling to do for years) and I was down 4.5% body fat!!