Thank you Ed and Brock and The Zone: Strength and Fitness Family for helping me get my life back, I am forever grateful / Sandy C.

My name is Sandy and I’m 62 years old I have two grown daughters and a granddaughter, Jaina, who is 7. I work in property management in Riverdale so I’m on my feet a lot.
For about 10 years my knees grew progressively worse with arthritis leaving both knees bone on bone. It was terribly painful and over the years I became heavier and my muscles hurt due to a lack of movement. I made a decision to change my life.
In March I had total left knee replacement surgery. The recovery was difficult and physical therapy was painful. Over the years the doctors said that if I lost weight my knees wouldn’t hurt so much. But how do you lose weight if you can’t move around?
The surgery and physical therapy was a success and I’m walking better than I have in many years. I thanked my surgeon for giving me a second chance at life. Today, I’m thanking The Zone: Strength and Fitness for helping me continue my quest for a healthy lifestyle.
I made the decision to get stronger the day I saw an ad for The Zone on Facebook. They offered a 6 week challenge that included a meal plan and strength training. I met with Ed and he introduced the program. I was excited to get started with my new life and signed up to go 3 times a week. I met with Brock who was to be my trainer. I was scared that I wouldn’t be strong enough to do anything, but Ed and Brock assured me they would modify anything I had difficulty with.
They were very knowledgeable about the types of exercise I would be able to do considering my limitations. Kneeling and getting on the floor were tasks that I had not yet accomplished after the surgery. I was petrified. As I began the strengthening exercises I started to notice that there was more and more that I could do each time. They closely watched to make sure I was in the proper positions and stood close by in case I faltered.
We had to modify a few of the exercises but I still had a wonderful workout each time. After a couple of weeks I noticed not only a drop in weight but more importantly I felt stronger. I walked straighter, felt secure in my space and had more energy. I felt stronger than I had in years.
In September I attended my nieces wedding. I not only felt good wearing a gown but I danced all night! I hadn’t been able to do that in many years and it brought me great joy! I also recently went into NYC and walked many blocks! I feel wonderful!