I am extremely happy with the results I was able to get at the zone. If you want my opinion, you’d be absolutely crazy not to go and check out the zone! /Avery S.

When I started at the zone, I hadn’t worked out in years. I let my job and family life take precedence over my fitness routine, and it really began to show. I was in shape throughout my entire life and let myself go. Going to the zone helped me change all of that.
I started off with their 6 week challenge, and never looked back. I was going in 3 times a week, and following their nutrition program exactly the way it was laid out. In the first week alone I was able to lose 12.5 pounds!! I was very shocked when I saw the number on the scale after that first week.
After 6 weeks of training in their high intensity interval training boot camps, I was able to lose 31.5 pounds of body weight, while also increasing my muscle mass!!