Do you want a real program that you’ll never get bored of and actually see the weight loss? Workout with Ed, and you won’t be disappointed! If I can do it, anybody can and that’s a fact! / Jenn S.

I’m not really a big “gym” person per say. I don’t want other people getting in my way, and I hate doing the same thing month after month and not seeing results. After my second kid, I gained weight like crazy. I was out of shape, had no motivation and just didn’t like working out in general. I found it boring! Working with Ed has finally made exercise fun for me. We do different stuff every week, and I see my strength sky rocketing and my body changing! I’ve been working with Ed since the beginning of summer 2015, and I can’t get enough of it. I have more confidence, I’m so much stronger and if I can’t workout at least twice every week I actually get mad!